This functionanlity allows users to gather items of interest from the archive for personal use. This forms a sense of personal attached to the archive. After collecting these items the user is able to download the items to their local machines as well as create an Exhibition


Downloading items should not be tedious. Downloading multiple files should be done easily and quickly without having to download each item individually. Items to be downloaded should be easily found. Users prefer single click to multiple clicks when downloading items.

Figure 1: Use Case Narative for Downloading Items

Layered Architecture

Design and Implementation

Figure 2: Sequence Diagram for Downloads

Exhibition features

Evaluation and Results

Evaluation of the system was done using Usability Tests, User Acceptance Testing and Expert Evalaution. The results are as follows:

Figure 3: User Acceptance Test results

Layered Architecture

Figure 4: Usabitiy Survey Results

Layered Architecture
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Evaluation Documentation

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