Exhibition Service Implementation


An exhibition is a user generated collection of digital artefacts that are placed in such a way that it tells a story. The exhibition functionality therefore comprises two main processes, including content management and content visualization. Content management involves storing exhibition objects in a database. Content visualization involves taking the information stored in the exhibition object and displaying it to the user.

Figure 1: Exhibition interface flow diagram

Exhibition interface flow


The architecture of the Exhibition service followed a layered architectural style comprising the Presentation, Business Logic, Service, Domain and Data Access layers. Messages are only sent to adjacent lower layers. This closed architecture was selected because it minimizes dependencies between the layers and reduces the impact of a change to the interface of any one layer.

Figure 2: Layered Architecture

Layered Architecture
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Nicole Petersen




Exhibition Service
Upload Service


Screensnaps of the Exhibition Service are displayed in the figures below.

Figure 3: Exhibition features

Exhibition features

Figure 4: Create exhibition templates

Exhibition templates

Figure 5: Create exhibition

Exhibition create

Figure 6: Toolbox cover photo

Cover photo

Figure 7: Toolbox image borders

Image Border

Figure 8: Exhibition metadata

Exhibition metadata


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