This functionanlity allows users to contribute in the form of tagging subsections of an item in the archive. This type of functionality is useful as it provides extra information otherwise unknown by the archive. Once an annotation is saved the test forms part of the systems overall search terms allowing more effecting and relavent searching.

Figure 1: Screenshot

Exhibition interface flow


Comments should be relevant and helpful. Prefer annotations to general comment threads. Annotations should not be viewable at all times during browse. Provide a means to inform the user they are able to annotate the image. E.g. a button or hint.

Figure 2: Use Case Narative for User Contribution via Tagging

Layered Architecture

Design and Implementation

Figure 3: Sequence Diagram for Annotations

Exhibition features

This functionality was created using the Annotorious API, used to provide an interactive image canvas that allow users to freely create space on the image on which to comment, using external JavaSCript library Annotorious.js providing CSS making images annotatable

Evaluation and Results

Evaluation of the system was done using Usability Tests, User Acceptance Testing and Expert Evalaution. The results are as follows:

Figure 3: User Acceptance Test results

Layered Architecture

Figure 3: Usabitiy Survey Results

Layered Architecture
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Evaluation Documentation

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