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Agwang, Faith and Nitschke, Geoff and van Heerden, Will (2014) Lifetimes of Migration Behavior, Proceedings of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2014), 12-16 July 2014, Vancouver, Canada, 25-26.


Blake, Edwin and Glaser, Meryl and Freudenthal, Adinda (2014) Teaching design for development in computer science, interactions, 21, 54-59, ACM.

Blake, Edwin and Tucker, William and Glaser, Meryl (2014) Towards Communication and Information Access for Deaf People, South African Computer Journal, 54, 10-19, South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists.


Chavula, Mrs. Catherine and Keet, Dr. C. Maria (2014) Is Lemon Sufficient for Building Multilingual Ontologies for Bantu Languages?, Proceedings of 11th OWL: Experiences and Directions Workshop (OWLED'14), 17-18 October 2014, Riva del Garda, Italy, 1265, 61-72, CEUR-WS.

Chavula, Josiah and Suleman, Hussein and Bagula, Antoine and Feamster, Nick (2014) Quantifying the Effects of Circuitous Routes on the Latency of Intra-Africa Internet Traffic: A Study of Research and Education Networks, Proceedings of 6th International Conference on e-Infrastructure and e-Services for Developing Countries (AFRICOMM), November 2014, Kampala, Uganda.


du Toit, Ms Nicola (2014) Designing an interface to provide new functionality for the post-processing of web-based annotations., MPhil.


Fillottrani, Dr. Pablo Ruben and Keet, Dr. Catharina Maria (2014) Conceptual Model Interoperability: a Metamodel-driven Approach, Proceedings of 8th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML'14), August 18-20, 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, 8620, 52-66, Springer.


Goss, Ryan G. and Nitschke, Geoff S. (2014) Automating Network Protocol Identification, Case Studies in Intelligent Computing: Achievements and Trends, 109-125.

Gain, James and Marais, Patrick and Neeser, Rudy (2014) City Sketching, Journal of WSCG, 22.

Gordon, Marc (2014) Force Field Comparison through Computational Analysis of Capsular Polysaccharides of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Serotypes 19A and F, MSc.


Haji, Ali and Suleman, Hussein and Rivett, Ulrike (2014) Mobile Graphic-based Communication: Investigating Reminder Notifications to Support Tuberculosis Treatment in Africa, Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Health Information Science, Shenzhen, China, April 21-23, 2014, Shenzhen, China, LNCS, 204-211, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.

Haji, Haji Ali and Suleman, Hussein and Rivett, Ulrike (2014) Developing Mobile Graphic Reminders for Reinforcing Compliance in Tuberculosis Treatment in Africa, Proceedings of The first International Conference on the use of Mobile Informations and Communication Technology (ICT) in Africa, 9-10 December 2014, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, 11-15, ISBN: 978-0-7972-1533-7.


Johan Baird, Michiel and Phiri, Lighton and Suleman, Hussein (2014) Automatic Workflow Management for Spatial Heritage Data, CS14-01-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.


Keet, Dr. C. Maria (2014) A core ontology of macroscopic stuff, Proceedings of 19th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW'14), 24-28 Nov, 2014, Linkoping, Sweden, 8876, 209-224, Springer.

Keet, Dr. C. Maria and Khumalo, Dr. Langa (2014) Basics for a grammar engine to verbalize logical theories in isiZulu, Proceedings of 8th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML'14), August 18-20, 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, 8620, 216-225, Springer.

Keet, Dr. C. Maria and Khumalo, Dr. Langa (2014) Toward verbalizing ontologies in isiZulu, Proceedings of 4th Workshop on Controlled Natural Language (CNL'14), 20-22 August 2014, Galway, Ireland, 8625, 78-89, Springer.

Keet, Dr C. Maria and d'Amato, Dr Claudia and Khan, Mrs Zubeida Casmod and Lawrynowicz, Dr Agnieszka (2014) Exploring Reasoning with the DMOP Ontology, Proceedings of 3rd Workshop on Ontology Reasoner Evaluation (ORE'14), 13 July 2014, Vienna, Austria, 1207, 64-70, CEUR-WS.

Khan, Mrs. Zubeida and Keet, Dr. C. Maria (2014) Feasibility of automated foundational ontology interchangeability00000000000, Proceedings of 19th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW'14), 24-28 Nov, 2014, Linkoping, Sweden, 8876, 225-237, Springer.

Kumaran, Dr A and Densmore, Dr Melissa and Kumar, Shaishav (2014) Online Gaming for Crowd-sourcing Phrase-equivalents, Proceedings of Computational Linguistics, 23-29 August, 2014, Dublin, 1238-1247.

Kenwood, Julian and Gain, James and Marais, Patrick (2014) Efficient Procedural Generation of Forests, Journal of WSCG, 22.

Keet, Dr. C. Maria (2014) Preventing, Detecting, and Revising Flaws in Object Property Expressions, Journal on Data Semantics, 3, 189-206, Springer.

Keet, Dr. C. Maria and Barbour, Dr. Graham (2014) Limitations of Regular Terminology Development practices: the case of the isiZulu Computing Terminology, Alternation, 12, 13-48.

Kuttel, Michelle and Gordon, Marc and Ravenscroft, Neil (2014) Comparative simulation of pneumococcal serogroup 19 polysaccharide repeating units with two carbohydrate force fields, Carbohydrate Research, 390, 20-27, Elsevier.

Kenwood, Julian (2014) Real-time Generation of Procedural Forests, MSc.


Ladeira, Dr Ilda and Marsden, Prof Gary (2014) Interactive Personal Storytelling An Ethnographic Study and Simulation of Apartheid-Era Narratives, Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems, 21-25 June 2014, Vancouver, ACM.

Leach, Craig and Marais, Patrick (2014) A GPU-Based Level of Detail System for the Real-Time Simulation and Rendering of Large-Scale Granular Terrain, Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG 2014), June 2014, Plzen, Czech Republic.

Leach, Craig (2014) A GPU-Based Level of Detail System for the Real-Time Simulation and Rendering of Large-Scale Granular Terrain, MSc.


Mbogo, Chao and Blake, Edwin and Suleman, Hussein (2014) Initial Evaluation of a Mobile Scaffolding Application that seeks to Support Novice Learners of Programming, Proceedings of Mobile Learning, 28 February - 2 March, Madrid, Spain.

Mbogo, Chao and Blake, Edwin and Suleman, Hussein (2014) Supporting the Construction of Programs on a Mobile Device: A Scaffolding Framework, Proceedings of Mobile Communications for Development (M4D), 7-8 April 2014, Dakar, Senegal.

Mgala, Mr Mvurya and Mbogho, Dr Audrey (2014) Selecting relevant features for classifier optimization, Second International Conference, AMLTA 2014 Cairo, Egypt, November 28-30, 2014 Proceedings, Proceedings of AMLTA 2014, 28-30 November 2014, Cairo, Egypt, 211-222, Springer.

Merry, Dr Bruce and Gain, A/Prof James and Marais, A/Prof Patrick (2014) Moving Least-Squares Reconstruction of Large Models with GPUs, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 20, 249-261, IEEE Computer Society.

Munyaradzi, Ngoni and Suleman, Hussein (2014) A System for High Quality Crowdsourced Indigenous Language Transcription, International Journal on Digital Libraries, 14, 117-125, Springer.

Maliwatu, Richard (2014) Ubiquitous Mesh Networking: application to mobile communication and information dissemination in a rural context, MSc.

Martin, Jarred (2014) Hybrid RFID Sensors: Design, Implementation and Application, MSc.

Meissner, Mr Frederick (2014) Supporting NGO Intermediation with Internet Systems: Comparing Mobile and Web Examples for Reaching Low Income Urban Youth of Cape Town, MSc.

Mullins, Taariq (2014) Participatory Cloud Computing: The Community Cloud Management Protocol, MSc.


Ng'ethe, Mr. George G. and Blake, Prof Edwin H. and Glaser, Miss Meryl (2014) Mobile Aid for Deaf People Learning Computer Literacy Skills, Proceedings of Southern African Telecommunication Networks and Applications (SATNAC), 31 August - 3 September, Port Elizabeth.

Noakes, Travis and Walton, Marion and Venter, Anja and Cronje, Johannes (2014) Phone to Photoshop: Mobile workarounds in young people’s visual self-presentation strategies, Proceedings of Design Development and Research Conference, 8 - 10 September, 2014, Cape Town, 159-180.

Ngqakaza, Lutando (2014) Multi-Layered Security in the Internet of the Things, MSc.


Ongoma, Ms. E.A. Nasubo and Keet, Dr. C. Maria and Meyer, Dr. Thomas (2014) Transition Constraints for Temporal Attributes, Proceedings of 27th International Workshop on Description Logics (DL'14), 17-20 July 2014, Vienna, Austria, 1193, 684-695, CEUR-WS.


Peters, Anicia N. and Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike and Awori, Kagonya and Bidwell, Nicola J. and Blake, Edwin H. and Kumar, Arun and Chivuno-Kuria, Shilumbe (2014) Collaborating with communities in Africa: a hitchhikers guide, Proceedings of CHI '14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 26 April - 1 May 2014, Toronto, Canada, 1969-1974, ACM.

Poulo, Lebeko and Phiri, Lighton and Suleman, Hussein (2014) Fine-grained Scalability of Digital Library Services in the Cloud, Proceedings of 2014 South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists, September 29 - October 1 2014, Centurion, South Africa, ACM Press.

Perkins, Simon and Questiaux, Jacques and Finniss, Stephen and Tyler, Robin and Byth, Sarah and Kuttel, Michelle (2014) Scalable desktop visualisation of very large radio astronomy data cubes, New Astronomy, 30, 1-7, Elsevier.

Perkins, Dr Simon James (2014) Field D* Pathfinding in Weighted Simplicial Complexes, PhD.

Potgieter, Mr Andrew (2014) A Parallel Multidimensional Weighted Histogram Analysis Method, MSc.


Rybicki, Steven and Gain, James (2014) Skywriter: Drawing Curves from a First-Person Perspective, Proceedings of SAICSIT 2014, 28 September - 1 October 2014, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa, 1-4.


Shorten, David and Nitschke, Geoff (2014) Generational Neuro-Evolution: Restart and Retry for Improvement, Proceedings of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2014), 12-16 July 2014, Vancouver, Canada.

Shorten, David and Nitschke, Geoff (2014) How Evolvable in Novelty Search?, Proceedings of IEEE Symposium Series in Computational Intelligence (SSCI 2014).

Ssekakubo, Mr. Grace and Suleman, Prof. Hussein and Marsden, Prof. Gary (2014) A Streamlined Mobile User-Interface for Improved Access to LMS Services, Proceedings of eLmL 2014 : The Sixth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning, 23-27 March 2014, Barcelona, Spain, 92-101, IARIA.


Tuyishimire, Emmanuel (2014) Internet of Things: Least Interference Beaconing Algorithms, MSc.


Walton, Marion (2014) Mobile literacies: Appropriating txt in the M4LIT Project, Multimodal approaches to research and pedagogy: Recognition, resources and access, 108-128, London: Routledge.

Walton, Marion (2014) Pavement Internet: Mobile media economies and ecologies for young people in South Africa, The Routledge Companion to Mobile Media, 450-461, London: Routledge.

Wang, Sunrise and Gain, James and Nitschke, Geoff (2014) Comparing crossover operators in Neuro-Evolution with crowd simulations, Proceedings of Evolutionary Computation (CEC), 2014 IEEE Congress on, 6-11 July 2014, Beijing, China, 2298-2305.

Weimar, Rolf (2014) A Simplied Game Engine for a Game Development Course, MSc.

Wood, Daniel (2014) Fast Galactic Structure Finding using Graphics Processing Units, MSc.

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