Developing Mobile Graphic Reminders for Reinforcing Compliance in Tuberculosis Treatment in Africa

Haji, Haji Ali and Suleman, Hussein and Rivett, Ulrike (2014) Developing Mobile Graphic Reminders for Reinforcing Compliance in Tuberculosis Treatment in Africa, Proceedings of The first International Conference on the use of Mobile Informations and Communication Technology (ICT) in Africa, 9-10 December 2014, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, 11-15, ISBN: 978-0-7972-1533-7.

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A mobile graphic reminder is part of an application that reminds a patient about the need to follow the routine of taking medicine, and helps to monitor this process. The program is especially helpful for patients with limited literacy, language barriers or deaf. The purpose of this paper is to present and discuss (1) the benefit potential of visual-based communication in the medical context; (2) how graphics as reminder interventions to support tuberculosis (TB) treatment were designed and developed; and (3) how these graphics were evaluated. Thirty-four people, including TB patients, TB health workers and academics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and Zanzibar, Tanzania participated in the evaluation exercise. The findings revealed that participants interpreted the meaning of most of the graphics correctly. It also found that the applications of images in the medical context might have potential to support patient treatment compared to other mobile interventions. The developed graphics are then embedded with mobile application on supporting TB patients to adhere to treatment through reminder methods. The paper contributes to mobile health (ICT4D) of developing an approach of mobile graphic-based reminder applications with literacy level, language and resource constraints.

Item Type: Conference paper
Uncontrolled Keywords: mobile graphic reminder; ICT4D; tuberculosis; visual communication
Subjects: Human-centered computing
Social and professional topics
Date Deposited: 21 Jan 2015
Last Modified: 10 Oct 2019 15:32

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