Structuring Abstraction to Achieve Ontology Modularisation

Khan, Z.C. and Keet, C.M. (2021) Structuring Abstraction to Achieve Ontology Modularisation, Advanced Concepts, Methods, and Applications in Semantic Computing, IGI Global.

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Large and complex ontologies lead to usage difficulties, thereby hampering the ontology developers’ tasks. Ontology modules have been proposed as a possible solution, which is supported by some algorithms and tools. However, the majority of types of modules, including those based on abstraction, still rely on manual methods for modularisation. Toward filling this gap in modularisation techniques, we systematised abstractions and selected five types of abstractions relevant for modularisation for which we created novel algorithms, implemented them, and wrapped it in a GUI, called NOMSA, to facilitate their use by ontology developers. The algorithms were evaluated quantitatively by assessing the quality of the generated modules. The quality of a module is measured by comparing it to the benchmark metrics from an existing framework for ontology modularisation. The results show that module’s quality ranges between average to good, whilst also eliminating manual intervention.

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Subjects: Computing methodologies > Artificial intelligence > Knowledge representation and reasoning > Ontology engineering
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