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Tembo, Masharty (2023) Design and evaluation of a mobile application interface for stokvel groups: An Eastern Cape case study., MSc.


Jian, Xue Jun (2021) Understanding Alignment Between Design Approaches and Student Priorities for Online Learning Platforms, MSc.


Fourie, Alexander Rees (2020) Computational Analysis of Escherichia coli O25 and O25b Carbohydrate Antigens using the CHARMM36 and GLYCAM06 Force Fields, MSc.


Mabakane, Mabule Samuel (2019) Effective visualisation of callgraphs for optimisation of parallel programs: a design study, PhD.

Moyo, Edmore (2019) Accelerated cooperative co-evolution on multi-core architectures, MSc.

Pinska, Adrianna (2019) Addition of flexible linkers to GPU-accelerated coarse-grained simulations of protein-protein docking, MSc.

Till, Mrs Sarina (2019) Characterizing Digital Native's approaches to mobile privacy and security, MSc.


Chigudu, Kumbirai (2018) Design of a prototype mobile application interface for efficient accessing of electronic laboratory results by health clinicians, MPhil.

Davies, Mr. Bryan (2018) Evaluating the User-Experience of Existing Strategies to Limit Video Game Session Length, MSc.

Geffen, Nathan (2018) Algorithms for efficiently and effectively matching agents in microsimulations of sexually transmitted infections, PhD.

Govender, Mr Devandran (2018) Investigating audio classification to automate the trimming of recorded lectures, MSc.

Katule, Mr N.A (2018) Utilization of Personal Health Informatics Through Intermediary Users, PhD.

Phiri, Dr Lighton (2018) Investigating the Impact of Organised Technology-driven Orchestration on Teaching, PhD.


Almukhaylid, Ms Maryam (2017) A Comparison of Socially-Motivated Discussion Forum Models for Learning Management Systems, MSc.

Terblanche, Mr Marcel Ta'i Mrkusic (2017) COLAB: Social Context and User Experience in Collaborative Multiplayer Games, MSc.


Ng'ethe, Mr George Gitau (2016) Design of a Mobile Support and Content Authoring tool to Support Deaf Adults Training in Computer Literacy Skills, MSc.


Badenhorst, Scott (2015) Acceleration of the noise suppression component of the DUCHAMP source-finder., MSc.

Chang, Genevieve (2015) Designing an effective user interface for the Android tablet environment, MSc.

Crause, Justin (2015) Fast, Realistic Terrain Synthesis, MSc.

Mbogo, Charity Chao (2015) Scaffolding Java Programming on a Mobile Phone for Novice Learners, PhD.

Schollar, Christopher (2015) RFI Monitoring for the MeerKAT Radio Telescope, MSc.


Gordon, Marc (2014) Force Field Comparison through Computational Analysis of Capsular Polysaccharides of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Serotypes 19A and F, MSc.

Kenwood, Julian (2014) Real-time Generation of Procedural Forests, MSc.

Leach, Craig (2014) A GPU-Based Level of Detail System for the Real-Time Simulation and Rendering of Large-Scale Granular Terrain, MSc.

Maliwatu, Richard (2014) Ubiquitous Mesh Networking: application to mobile communication and information dissemination in a rural context, MSc.

Martin, Jarred (2014) Hybrid RFID Sensors: Design, Implementation and Application, MSc.

Meissner, Mr Frederick (2014) Supporting NGO Intermediation with Internet Systems: Comparing Mobile and Web Examples for Reaching Low Income Urban Youth of Cape Town, MSc.

Mullins, Taariq (2014) Participatory Cloud Computing: The Community Cloud Management Protocol, MSc.

Ngqakaza, Lutando (2014) Multi-Layered Security in the Internet of the Things, MSc.

Perkins, Dr Simon James (2014) Field D* Pathfinding in Weighted Simplicial Complexes, PhD.

Potgieter, Mr Andrew (2014) A Parallel Multidimensional Weighted Histogram Analysis Method, MSc.

Tuyishimire, Emmanuel (2014) Internet of Things: Least Interference Beaconing Algorithms, MSc.

Weimar, Rolf (2014) A Simplied Game Engine for a Game Development Course, MSc.

Wood, Daniel (2014) Fast Galactic Structure Finding using Graphics Processing Units, MSc.

du Toit, Ms Nicola (2014) Designing an interface to provide new functionality for the post-processing of web-based annotations., MPhil.


Baxter, Richard (2013) GPU-based Acceleration of Radio Interferometry Point Source Visibility Simulations in the MeqTrees Framework, MSc.

Chepken, Christopher (2013) Telecommuting in the Developing World: A Case of the Day-Labour Market, PhD.

Chissungo, Edmundo B.F. (2013) Routing Protocols for Meshed Communication, Networks Targeting Communication Quality of Service (QoS) in Rural Areas, MSc.

Clough, Mr Duncan (2013) Lattice Boltzmann Liquid Simulations on Graphics Hardware, MSc.

Mathai, Neann (2013) Molecular modelling of the Streptococcus Pneumoniae serogroup 6 capsular polysaccharide antigens., MSc.

Munyaradzi, Mr Ngoni (2013) Transcription of the Bleek and Lloyd Collection using the Bossa Volunteer Thinking Framework, MSc.

Phiri, Mr Lighton (2013) Simple Digital Libraries, MSc.

Poulo, Mr. Lebeko Bearnard (2013) Cloud Computing for Digital Libraries, MSc.

Workman, Mr Michael L (2013) Can Health Workers capture data using a generic mobile phone with sufficient accuracy for Capture at Source to be used for Clinical Research Purposes?, MSc.


Crumley, Mr. Zacharia (2012) Voxel-Space Shape Grammars, MSc.

Fisher, Mr Mario (2012) Performance Benchmarking Physical and Virtual Linux Environments, MPhil.

Marquard, Mr Stephen (2012) Improving searchability of automatically transcribed lectures through dynamic language modelling, MPhil.

Mohamed Nour, Mr Morwan (2012) An End-to-End Solution for Complex Open Educational Resources, MSc.

Paihama, Miss Jorgina Kaumbe do Rosário (2012) Meta-standardisation of Interoperability Protocols, MSc.

Williams, Mr Kyle (2012) Learning to Read Bushman: Automatic Handwriting Recognition for Bushman Languages, MSc.


Manchip, David (2011) Computer-aided Timing Training System for Musicians, MPhil.

Nel, Mr Marius Francois (2011) Large Image Support in Digital Repositories, MPhil.

Ramuhaheli, Mr Tshifhiwa (2011) Gesture Based Interface for Asynchronous Video Communication for Deaf People in South Africa, MSc.

Reitmaier, Mr Thomas (2011) Designing Digital Storytelling for Rural African Communities, MSc.

Smith, Mr Graeme (2011) Mobile Media Distribution in Developing Contexts, MSc.

Talbot, Mr Michael (2011) SHOP-Net: Moving from Paper to Mobile, MSc.

Tunbridge, Dr Ian (2011) Graphics Processing Unit Accelerated Coarse-Grained Protein-Protein Docking, PhD.


Eicher, Anton (2010) Active Shape Model Segmentation of Brain Structures in MR Images of Subjects with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, MSc.

Evans, Mr Matthew (2010) Information cards and a design to extend the claims model to incorporate geolocation, MSc.

Mokhesi, Mr Lekometsa (2010) Context-Aware Handoff Support for Wireless Access Networks, MSc.

Mwebaze, Mr A. (2010) Design of an intelligent parking system using Wireless sensors and Multiprotocol Label Switching, MSc.

Salazar O., Gustavo A. (2010) DAS Writeback: A Collaborative Annotation System for Proteins, MSc.

Winterbottom, Ms Cara (2010) VRBridge: a Constructivist Approach to Supporting Interaction Design and End-User Authoring in Virtual Reality, PhD.

van den Berg, Rudolf (2010) Force-extension of the Amylose Polysaccharide, MSc.


Balikuddembe, Dr Joseph (2009) Managing economic value and uncertainty on software projects; an empirical study with the CASSE Framework, PhD.

Chong, Mr Ming Ki (2009) Usable Authentication for Mobile Banking, MSc.

Jacka, Mr David (2009) High-Level Control of Agent-based Crowds by means of General Constraints, MSc.

McMahon, Mr Peter (2009) Accelerating Genomic Sequence Alignment using High Performance Reconfigurable Computers, MSc.

Nakashole, Ms Ndapandula (2009) A Hybrid Scavenger Grid Approach to Intranet Search, MSc.

Ogunleye, Mr Samuel Olalekan (2009) Supporting Mobile Developers through A Java IDE, MSc.

Osunmakinde, Dr Isaac (2009) Computational Intelligent Systems: Evolving Dynamic Bayesian Networks, PhD.

Parker, Mr Christopher P (2009) A lightweight interface to local Grid scheduling systems, MSc.

Pileggi, Paolo (2009) Cross-Layer RaCM Design for Vertically Integrated Wireless Networks, MSc.

Symington, Mr Andrew (2009) A Hardware Testbed for Measuring IEEE 802.11g DCF Performance, MSc.

Tucker, Dr William D. (2009) Softbridge: a socially aware framework for communication bridges over digital divides, PhD.


Brown, Sarah (2008) Providing Informational Support to HIV+ Women in a Virtual Environment: A Case Study Comparing the Effects of Virtual Reality and Paper Media for Content Delivery, MSc.

McMahon, Peter (2008) Accelerating Genomic Sequence Alignment using High Performance Reconfigurable Computers, MSc.

Munalula, Themba (2008) Measuring the applicability of Open Data Standards to a single distributed organisation: an application to the COMESA Secretariat, MPhil.

Nyirenda, Mayumbo (2008) Universal Web Application Server, MSc.


Arnab, Alapan (2007) Towards a General Framework for Digital Rights Management (DRM), PhD.

Balluck, Ashwinkoomarsing (2007) Optimising Information Retrieval from the Web in Low-bandwidth Environments, MPhil.

Merry, Mr Bruce (2007) A linear framework for character skinning, PhD.

Neeser, Rudolph (2007) A Comparison of Statistical and Geometric Reconstruction Techniques: Guidelines for Correcting Fossil Hominin Crania, MSc.

Nunez, Dr David (2007) A Capacity Limited, Cognitive Constructionist Model of Virtual Presence, PhD.

Sello, Mpho Constance (2007) Individual Document Management Techniques: an Explorative Study, MPhil.

Spasic, Mr Nemanja (2007) Anomaly Detection and Prediction of Human Actions in a Video Surveillance Environment, MSc.

du Toit, Masha (2007) Investigating the Efficacy of XML and Stylesheets to Render Electronic Courseware for Multiple Learning Styles, MPhil.

van Rooyen, Mr Reinhardt (2007) A Transaction Assurance Framework For Web Service, MSc.


Cloete, Candice Lynn (2006) MIRMaid: An interface for a content based Music Information Retrieval test-bed, MPhil.

Cooke, Mr Richard J. E. (2006) Link prediction and link detection in sequences of large social networks using temporal and local metrics, MSc.

Ladeira, Ms. Ilda Maria (2006) Story Experience in a Virtual San Storytelling Environment: A Cultural Heritage Application for Children and Young Adults, MSc.

Mhlongo, Siyabonga (2006) Flexible Packaging Methodologies for Rapid Deployment of Customisable Component-based Digital Libraries, MSc.

Sikalinda, Mr Paul (2006) Analyzing Storage System Workloads, MSc.

Verwey, Mr Johan (2006) Speech Perception in Virtual Environments, MSc.


Chetty, Marshini (2005) Developing locally relevant applications for rural South Afica: a telemedicine example, MSc.

Eyambe, Linda (2005) A Digital Library Component Assembly Environment, MSc.

Hamza, Ms Sabeeha (2005) The Subjective Response of People Living with HIV to Illness Narratives in VR, MSc.

Ryndina, Ms Ksenia (2005) Improving Requirements Engineering: An Enhanced Requirements Modelling and Analysis Method, MSc.

Tobler, Mr Benjamin (2005) A Structured Approach to Network Security Protocol Implementation, MSc.

de Wet, Mr Nico (2005) Model Driven Communication Protocol Engineering and Simulation based Performance Analysis using UML 2.0, MSc.


Chibesakunda, Mr Mwelwa K. (2004) A Methodology for Analyzing Power Consumption in Wireless Communication Systems, MSc.

Lifson, Mr Farrel (2004) Specification and Verification of Systems Using Model Checking and Markov Reward Models, MSc.

Lyness, Mr Caleb Alexander (2004) Perceptual depth cues in support of medical data visualisation, MSc.

Perkins, Mr Simon (2004) Identification and Reconstruction of Bullets from Multiple X-Rays, MSc.

Walters, Mr Lourens 0. (2004) A Web Browsing Workload for Simulation, MSc.


Appenzeller, Mr Johannes (2003) Real Time System Development with UML: A Case Study, Other.

Nirenstein, Dr. Shaun (2003) Fast and Accurate Visibility Preprocessing, PhD.

Nunez, Mr David (2003) A connectionist explanation of presence in virtual environments, MPhil.

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