Surface realisation architecture for low-resourced African languages

Mahlaza, Zola and Keet, C. Maria (2023) Surface realisation architecture for low-resourced African languages, ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing, 22, ACM.

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There has been growing interest in building surface realisation systems to support the automatic generation of text in African languages. Such tools focus on converting abstract representations of meaning to a text. Since African languages are low-resourced, economical use of resources and general maintainability are key considerations. However, there is no existing surface realiser architecture that possesses most of the maintainability characteristics (e.g., modularity, reusability, and analysability) that will lead to maintainable software that can be used for the languages. Moreover, there is no consensus surface realisation architecture created for other languages that can be adapted for the languages in question. In this work, we solve this by creating a novel surface realiser architecture suitable for low-resourced African languages that abides by the features of maintainable software. Its design comes after a granular analysis, classification, and comparison of the architectures used by 77 existing NLG systems. We compare our architecture to existing architectures and show that it supports the most features of a maintainable software product.

Item Type: Journal article (paginated)
Subjects: Computing methodologies > Artificial intelligence > Natural language processing > Natural language generation
Date Deposited: 09 Nov 2023 09:55
Last Modified: 09 Nov 2023 09:55

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