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Conceptual Model Interoperability: a Metamodel-driven Approach

Fillottrani, Pablo Ruben and Catharina Maria Keet (2014) Conceptual Model Interoperability: a Metamodel-driven Approach. In Bikakis, A, Eds. Proceedings 8th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML'14) 8620, pages 52-66, Prague, Czech Republic.

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Linking, integrating, or converting conceptual data models represented in different modelling languages is a common aspect in the design and maintenance of complex information systems. While such languages seem similar, they are known to be distinct and no unifying framework exists that respects all of their language features in either model transformations or inter-model assertions to relate them. We aim to address this issue using an approach where the rules are enhanced with a logic-based metamodel. We present the main approach and some essential metamodel-driven rules for the static, structural, components of ER, EER, UML v2.4.1, ORM, and ORM2. The transformations for model elements and patterns are used with the metamodel to verify correctness of inter-model assertions across models in different languages.

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:Metamodel, UML, EER, ORM, interoperability, conceptual modelling
Subjects:I Computing Methodologies: I.2 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
H Information Systems: H.1 MODELS AND PRINCIPLES
ID Code:948
Deposited By:Keet, C. Maria
Deposited On:19 August 2014
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