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Representing Requirements Traceability Using XML Topic Maps

Hollings, David, Kieran Sharpey-Schafer and Justin Kelleher (2005) Representing Requirements Traceability Using XML Topic Maps. Technical Report CS05-20-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

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Despite the importance of requirements traceability in developing software systems, there are few applications that provide useful requirements management techniques. This paper looks at XML Topic Maps as a new technique for the representation of requirements traceability in order to improve requirements management, analysis and visualisation.

The aim of this paper is to investigate the validity of using XML Topic Maps to represent requirements traceability. A software application is developed and used to prove this concept.
The system and project goals are then tested.

It is shown that the use of XML Topic Maps is probably an improved method for the management, analysis and visualisation of requirements traceability. Furthermore, it is concluded that an improved visualization technique will be required for the intuitive navigation of the requirements traceability graphs.

EPrint Type:Departmental Technical Report
ID Code:262
Deposited By:Sharpey-Schafer, Kieran Paul
Deposited On:27 October 2005