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ChattaBox: A Case Study in Using UML and SDL for Engineering Concurrent Communicating Software Systems

Kritzinger, Pieter, Marshini Chetty, Jesse Landman, Michael Marconi and Oksana Ryndina (2003) ChattaBox: A Case Study in Using UML and SDL for Engineering Concurrent Communicating Software Systems. In Proceedings Southern African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference, George, South Africa.

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This paper describes a case study that was conducted to investigate software engineering of concurrent communicating systems (CCSs). Best practice software engineering methodologies were used to specify and design a Voice over IP (VoIP) system, which was then implemented. The methodologies utilised were the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and the Specification and Description Language (SDL), and the project specifically explored their combined use. The VoIP system implemented, called ChattaBox, allowed users to communicate via voice, as well as several other features. The system requirements and static design for the system were carried out using UML diagrams. Dynamic design was done using UML initially, followed by a conversion to SDL using a tool provided by Telelogic. The resulting SDL design was verified using the tool. The final system was tested for correctness, performance and usability. It met all of the requirements set out at the initial phase of the engineering process, whilst remaining stable and protocol compliant. After evaluating the engineering process itself, it was concluded that the software engineering paradigm is vital to the field of CCS engineering. Furthermore, UML was useful for providing fast high level design capabilities, but was unable to provide adequate verification of the design. The converted SDL diagrams made up for this, although the biggest drawback of the proposed software engineering process was the inefficient and error-prone conversion, which needed much manual correction
and intervention.

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:SDL, UML, VoIP, Software Engineering, Concurrent Communicating Systems
J Computer Applications: J.8 MISCELLANEOUS
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Deposited By:Chetty, Marshini
Deposited On:29 September 2003