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Ubiquitous Computing and Cellular Handsets—are menus the best way forward?

Marsden, Gary and Matt Jones (2002) Ubiquitous Computing and Cellular Handsets—are menus the best way forward?. South African Computer Journal 28:67-74.

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Embedded interactive computer systems, such as those found in cellular handsets, can be hard to use. The
combination of small form factor – limited input and output potential – and an increasing feature set, result in devices which confuse novice users. Although most of these devices utilise hierarchical menu structures to mediate the interaction between user and device, we believe that these menus are poorly designed and that other interaction styles may be more appropriate. In this paper we will investigate how well menu design research has been used by current handset manufacturers. We will also propose and report on the success of some new interface designs and finally examine how new Internet technologies, like WML, might be
used to further improve the handset’s interface.

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