The BOLD Project: The BOLD Translator

Williams, Kyle (2009) The BOLD Project: The BOLD Translator.

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The Lloyd and Bleek Collection contains over 14000 dictionary pages with both an English word and its Bushman language translation. The notebooks in the Lloyd and Bleek Collection contain Bushman stories where in many cases English translations do not exist or are not clear. It is natural to assume that people making use of the notebooks would like to make use of the dictionary to translate words which appear in the notebooks. This, however, is not practical simply due to the magnitude of the dictionary. A need therefore exists to build a tool for interaction between the dictionary pages and the notebooks to allow for translation. A content based image retrieval (CBIR) system was built to do this and it was shown that it is possible to find the corresponding words in the dictionary by providing a single word from the notebooks as a search key. The system shows promising potential with well selected search keys returning relevant results.

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