A Lightweight Interface to Local Grid Scheduling Systems

Parker, Christopher and Williams, Kyle and Suleman, Hussein (2012) A Lightweight Interface to Local Grid Scheduling Systems, CS12-05-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

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Many computationally intensive research problems can be addressed using a Grid architecture. However, Grid use is restricted to those who have an in-depth knowledge of its complex architecture and functionality. To make Grid computing more accessible, a lightweight Web 2.0 interface to the scheduling systems on which Grids rely, and which can serve as an abstraction of a large Grid environment, was built. The purpose of this interface was to simplify many of the complexities associated with using Grid architectures. A case study is used to demonstrate the applicability of the interface to a problem that can be solved using a Grid, while a user study demonstrates how users, with little or no experience using Grids, were able to accomplish tasks using the Grid. Lastly, it is shown that the Web 2.0 interface can outperform traditional static interfaces in terms of response time and bandwidth efficiency.

Item Type: Technical report
Uncontrolled Keywords: lightweight interface scheduling systems AJAX Web 2.0 Grid computing
Subjects: Computer systems organization
Applied computing
Date Deposited: 08 Jun 2012
Last Modified: 10 Oct 2019 15:33
URI: http://pubs.cs.uct.ac.za/id/eprint/774

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