Multilingual Querying

Mustafa Ali, Mohammed and Suleman, Hussein (2011) Multilingual Querying, Proceedings of Arabic Language Technology International Conference (ALTIC) 2011, 9-10 October 2011, Alexandria, Egypt.

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Non-English-speaking users, such as Arabic speakers, are not always able to express terminology in their native languages, especially in scientific domains. Such difficulty forces many Arabic authors and scholars to use English terms in order to explain precise concepts, resulting in mixed/multilingual queries with both English and Arabic terms. Current CLIR techniques are optimized for monolingual queries, even if they are translated, but neither mixed-language queries nor searches for mixed-language documents have yet been adequately studied. This paper attempts to address the problem of multilingual querying in CLIR. It shows experimentally that current search engines and IR systems are not language-aware and are not adequate for multilingual querying. The paper then presents the main ingredients that every language-aware solution should take care of.

Item Type: Conference paper
Uncontrolled Keywords: Multilingual Query, Mixed document, Multilingual Information Retrieval, Language-aware
Subjects: Information systems > Information retrieval
Date Deposited: 12 Dec 2011
Last Modified: 10 Oct 2019 15:33

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