An Opencast Mobile learning Framework for Enhancing Learning in Higher Education

Boyinbode, Olutayo and Bagula, Antoine and Ngambi, Dick (2011) An Opencast Mobile learning Framework for Enhancing Learning in Higher Education, International Journal of u- and e- Service, Science and Technology, 4, SERSC.

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Producing e-learning contents through recording of lectures can be relatively easy and flexible to produce than through the conventional Learning Management System (LMS) due to improved technology. Recording lectures can serve as supplementary, substitutional or creative materials to a conventional traditional lecture. With the popularity and evolution of powerful mobile devices like PDAs, mobile phones, iPods and iPads, which are light and portable it is easy to integrate these devices into the mobile learning system. This paper describes the evolution of pod casts to opencast and a mobile learning opencast framework that helps postgraduate students in higher education adapt educational resources from Opencast Matter horn to their mobile devices which can be used anytime and anywhere.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Podcasting, Opencast, Traditional Lectures, Mobile devices, Mobile Learning.
Subjects: Social and professional topics > Professional topics > Computing education
Date Deposited: 05 Dec 2011
Last Modified: 10 Oct 2019 15:33

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