MobiGrid: A Middleware for Integrating Mobile Phone and Grid Computing

Masinde, M. and Bagula, A. and Ndegwa, V. (2010) MobiGrid: A Middleware for Integrating Mobile Phone and Grid Computing, Proceedings of IEEE, October 2010, Canada, 523-526.

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The popularity and the high processing power of today's smart phones have presented computer scientists with a fertile platform on which to implement grid computing for mobile phones. Such grids will not require much investment since they are designed to make use of `idle' power on already existing phones. This is because most smart phone users only use their phones for a few minutes or a few hours every day and yet, these phones are powered up 24/7. These kinds of grids are most favorable to developing countries where the penetration of mobile phone exceeds other forms of ICTs. Once in place, the grids can then be utilized to run the much-needed applications such e-health, e-education and drought prediction. In this paper, we present MobiGrid, a middleware for mobile phone grid that is part of a larger research project that aims at integrating mobile phones and sensors to come up with a drought predication tool for use in the developing countries. MobiGrid is an API on which distributed applications can be built. Unlike the rest of grid middleware solutions, the uniqueness of our approach lies in the fact that the middleware is for mobile phones environment.

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