Adaptive Cryptographic Access Control

Kayem, Anne V.D.M. and Akl, Selim G. and Martin, Patrick (2010) Adaptive Cryptographic Access Control, Advances in Information Security, 48, Springer.

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Cryptographic access control (CAC) is an approach to securing data by encrypting it with a key, so that only the users in possession of the correct key are able to decrypt the data and/or perform further encryptions. Applications of cryptographic access control will benefit companies, governments and the military where structured access to information is essential. The purpose of this book is to highlight the need for adaptability in cryptographic access control schemes that are geared for dynamic environments, such as the Internet. Adaptive Cryptographic Access Control presents the challenges of designing hierarchical cryptographic key management algorithms to implement Adaptive Access Control in dynamic environments and suggest solutions that will overcome these challenges. Adaptive Cryptographic Access Control is a cutting-edge book focusing specifically on this topic in relation to security and cryptographic access control. Both the theoretical and practical aspects and approaches of cryptographic access control are introduced in this book. Case studies and examples are provided throughout this book. This book is designed for a professional audience composed of researchers, technicians and government/military employees working in the Information Security industry. Advanced-level students concentrating on computer science for Information Security and Cryptography will also find this book useful as a reference or secondary text book.

Item Type: Book
Uncontrolled Keywords: access control - cryptography - data availability - data confidentiality - data integrity - hierarchical key management - identity management - information security - outsourced data security - shared data access - trust
Subjects: Theory of computation > Design and analysis of algorithms
Information systems > Data management systems > Data structures > Data layout > Data encryption
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Date Deposited: 01 Dec 2010
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