ANTS:Articulated Nested Telescoping Simulation

Decker, Mary and Karpul, Alexander (2005) ANTS:Articulated Nested Telescoping Simulation, CS05-13-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

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This paper addresses the problem of scale in simulations by investigating a novel kind of interactive simulation system which can be run on desktop machines. In this system, data is represented at various levels of abstraction. The system is navigated in such a way that the data can be viewed and modified at each of those levels. However, at deeper levels in the model, only a subset of the total system is represented in detail. This subset is generated, as the user moves down a level, out of aggregates in the level above and compressed into aggregates, when the user moves up a level. Simulation rules are applied to each level of the simulation in a modular manner, independent of the level of the simulation. This system is found to increase efficiency dramatically, since only a subset of the data is represented in detail. A certain amount of data loss inevitably occurs as a result of data compression. The system is therefore only appropriate in those cases where data precision is not of paramount importance. An interface was designed by means of the PICTIVE participatory design technique. A subset of this interface design was implemented. It was then evaluated using the constructive interaction method and was found to be generally intuitive and user friendly.

Item Type: Technical report
Uncontrolled Keywords: simulation,data structure,multilevel
Subjects: Theory of computation > Design and analysis of algorithms > Data structures design and analysis
Date Deposited: 21 Oct 2005
Last Modified: 10 Oct 2019 15:35

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