Embracing Indigenous Knowledge Systems in ICT-Enabled Education

Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike and Blake, Edwin and Maasz, Donovan and Muashekele, Chris and Gallert, Peter and Stanley, Colin and Koruhama, Alphons Kahuhu (2021) Embracing Indigenous Knowledge Systems in ICT-Enabled Education, ICT and International Learning Ecologies: Representation and Sustainability Across Contexts, Routledge.

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The assimilation of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) into mainstream knowledge society consisting of formal education, research paradigms, and digital knowledge repositories and learning tools has at best been a tokenism. Shifting perspectives reveals major deficiencies in education, research, and technology caused by a systemic exclusion and active destruction of IKS. This chapter promotes a deeper appreciation for IKS, illustrates tensions between digital knowledge systems and IKS, and underscores the necessity to engage indigenous people in the design of learning tools to encompass not only indigenous content but also underlying epistemologies and values. This chapter shares a viewpoint from the global south contributing to a pluralistic knowledge society.

Item Type: Book chapter
Additional Information: Pages: 132-157 ISBN: 9780367363673
Uncontrolled Keywords: Indigenous people, Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous knowledge system, community-based co-design, learning ecologies
Subjects: Human-centered computing
Applied computing > Education > Interactive learning environments
Human-centered computing > Interaction design > Interaction design process and methods > User centered design
Human-centered computing > Interaction design > Interaction design process and methods
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