An Ontology for Supporting Knowledge Discovery and Evolution

Wanyana, Tezira and Moodley, Deshen and Meyer, Thomas (2020) An Ontology for Supporting Knowledge Discovery and Evolution, Proceedings of Proceedings of the First Southern African Conference for Artificial Intelligence Research, 22-26 February 2021, Online, 206-221, SACAIR.

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Knowledge Discovery and Evolution (KDE) is of interest to a broad array of researchers from both Philosophy of Science (PoS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR), Machine Learning and Data Mining (ML-DM) and the Agent Based Systems (ABS) communities. In PoS, Haig recently pro- posed a so-called broad theory of scientific method that uses abduction for generating theories to explain phenomena. He refers to this method of scientific inquiry as the Abductive Theory of Method (ATOM). In this paper, we analyse ATOM, align it with KR and ML-DM perspec- tives and propose an algorithm and an ontology for supporting agent based knowledge discovery and evolution based on ATOM. We illustrate the use of the algorithm and the ontology on a use case application for electricity consumption behaviour in residential households.

Item Type: Conference paper
Subjects: Computing methodologies > Artificial intelligence > Knowledge representation and reasoning
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Date Deposited: 01 Sep 2021 10:00
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