Performance barriers to cloud services in Africa's public sector: A latency perspective

Chavula, Josiah and Phokeer, Amreesh and Calandro, Enrico (2018) Performance barriers to cloud services in Africa's public sector: A latency perspective, Proceedings of International Conference on e-Infrastructure and e-Services for Developing Countries, 29 November 2018, Dakar, Senegal, 152-163, Springer, Cham.

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Cloud computing allows individuals and organizations to lease storage and computation resources remotely and as needed. For such remote access to work efficiently, there is a need for reliable and low-delay delivery of Internet traffic. By carrying out a month-long Internet measurement campaign, this paper investigates location and latencies of cloud-based web hosting in the public sector of five African countries. Results of the study show that a large percentage of public sector websites are hosted in cloud-based infrastructure physically located in America and Europe. Analysis of latencies shows significant differences between local and remote hosted websites, and that delays are significantly lower for countries that host CDN nodes. The results also indicate high delays for local websites that are accessed circuitously

Item Type: Conference paper
Uncontrolled Keywords: Latency, Internet Measurements, Cloud Services
Subjects: Computer systems organization > Architectures > Distributed architectures
Date Deposited: 20 Sep 2019
Last Modified: 10 Oct 2019 15:31

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