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Year: 2017

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Conference Paper

  1. Phiri, Lighton, Christoph Meinel and Hussein Suleman (2017) Peer Tutoring Orchestration: Streamlined Technology-driven Orchestration for Peer Tutoring. In Escudeiro, Paula, Gennaro Costagliola and Susan Zvacek, Eds. Proceedings 9th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, pages 434-441, Porto, Portugal.

Journal (Paginated)

  1. Ssozi-Mugarura, Fiona, Edwin H. Blake and Ulrike Rivett (2017) Codesigning with communities to support rural water management in Uganda. CoDesign: International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts 13(2):110-126.

Departmental Technical Report

  1. Fitzhenry, Charles, Maximillian Hahn, Tanweer Khatieb, Patrick Marais and Stephen Marquard (2017) A Virtual Cinematographer for Presenter Tracking in 4K Lecture Videos. Technical Report CS17-01-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

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