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Year: 2002

    Number of records: 13.

Conference Paper

  1. Lewis, John, William Tucker and Edwin Blake (2002) SoftBridge: An Architecture for Building IP-based Bridges over the Digital Divide. In Proceedings SATNAC 2002, Drakensberg, South Africa.

  2. Marsden, Gary, Rob Cherry and Alan Haefele (2002) Small Screen Access to Digital Libraries of African Art. In Proceedings SIGCHI, pages 786-787.

  3. Marsden, Gary, Katherine Malan and Edwin Blake (2002) Using Digital Technology to Access And Store African Art. In Proceedings CHI 2002, pages 528-529.

  4. Nirenstein, Shaun , Edwin Blake and James Gain (2002) Exact from-region visibility culling. In Debevec , P and S Gibson, Eds. Proceedings 13th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering,, pages 191-202.

  5. Nirenstein, Shaun, Edwin Blake and James Gain (2002) Exact From-region Visibility Culling. In Gibson, Simon and Paul Debevec, Eds. Proceedings Eurographics Rendering Workshop, pages 191-202, Pisa, Itally.

Journal (Paginated)

  1. Marsden, Gary, Paul Gillary, Matt Jones and Harold Thimbleby (2002) The Use of Algorithms in Interface Design. Personal and Ubiquitous Technologies 6(2):132-140.

  2. Marsden, Gary and Matt Jones (2002) Ubiquitous Computing and Cellular Handsets—are menus the best way forward?. South African Computer Journal 28:67-74.

  3. Marte, Otto and Patrick Marais (2002) Model-based Segmentation of CT Images. South African Computer Journal 28:54-59.

  4. Nirenstein, Shaun, Edwin Blake, Simon Winberg and Ashton Mason (2002) Hierarchical Level of Detail Optimisation for Constant Framerate Rendering of Radiosity Scenes. South African Computer Journal 29:23-40.

Departmental Technical Report

  1. Brown, Sarah L, Ilda M Ladeira, Cara B Winterbottom and EH Blake (2002) An Investigation on the Effects of Mediation in a Storytelling Virtual Environment. Technical Report CS02-08-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

  2. Chetty, Marshini (2002) A Comparison of Unified Modelling Language (UML) and Specification and Description Language (SDL). Technical Report 02-01-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

  3. MacGregor, K.J., N.D. de Wet, N. Yazdani and B. Lam (2002) Wireless Application Middleware. Technical Report CS02-11-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

  4. Walters, Lourens O and Pieter S Kritzinger (2002) Email Message Interarrival Time Analysis. Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

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