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Grammar rules for the isiZulu complex verb

Keet, C. Maria and Langa Khumalo (2017) Grammar rules for the isiZulu complex verb. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies 35(2):183-200.

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The isiZulu verb is known for its morphological complexity, which is a subject of on-going linguistics research, as well as for prospects of computational use, such as controlled natural language interfaces, machine translation, and spellcheckers. To this end, we seek to answer the question as to what the precise grammar rules for the isiZulu complex verb are (and, by extension, the Bantu verb morphology). To this end, we iteratively specify the grammar as a Context Free Grammar, and evaluate it computationally. The grammar presented in this paper covers the subject and object concords, negation, present tense, aspect, mood, and the causative, applicative, stative, and the reciprocal verbal extensions, politeness, the wh-question modifiers, and aspect doubling, ensuring their correct order as they appear in verbs. The grammar conforms to specification.

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Keywords:isiZulu, grammar, verb, CFG
Subjects:J Computer Applications: J.5 ARTS AND HUMANITIES
ID Code:1237
Deposited By:Keet, C. Maria
Deposited On:18 January 2018
Alternative Locations:http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.2989/16073614.2017.1358097