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Testing Test-Driven Development

Suleman, Hussein, Stephan Jamieson and Maria Keet (2017) Testing Test-Driven Development. In Proceedings 46th Annual Conference of the Southern African Computer Lecturers' Association (SACLA 2017) 730, pages 241-250, Magaliesburg, South Africa.

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Test-driven development is often taught as a software engineering technique in an advanced course rather than a core programming technique taught in an introductory course. As a result, student programmers resist changing their habits and seldom switch over to designing of tests before code. This paper reports on the early stages of an experimental intervention to teach test-driven development in an introductory programming course, with the expectation that earlier incorporation of this concept will improve acceptance. Incorporation into an introductory course, with large numbers of students, means that mechanisms are needed to be put into place to enable automation, essentially to test the test-driven development. Initial results from a pilot study have surfaced numerous lessons and challenges, especially related to mixed reactions from students and the limitations of existing automation approaches.

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:programming, test-driven development, unit testing, automatic marking
Subjects:K Computing Milieux: K.3 COMPUTERS AND EDUCATION
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Deposited On:25 November 2017