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A Non-classical Logical Foundation for Naturalised Realism

Ruttkamp-Bloem, Emma, Giovanni Casini and Thomas Meyer (2015) A Non-classical Logical Foundation for Naturalised Realism, in Arazim, Pavel and Michal Dancak, Eds. The Logica Yearbook, pages 249-266. College Publications.

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In this paper, by suggesting a formal representation of science based on recent advances in logic-based Artificial Intelligence, we show how three serious concerns around the realisation of traditional scientific realism (the theory/observation distinction, over-determination of theories by data, and theory revision) can be overcome such that traditional realism is given a new guise as ‘naturalised’. We contend that such issues can be dealt with (in the context of scientific realism) by developing a formal representation of sci- ence based on the application of the following tools Knowledge Representa- tion: the family of knowledge representation languages known as Description Logics, an enrichment of classical logics via defeasible statements, and an ap- plication of the preferential interpretation of the approach to Belief Revision.

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