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Scaffolding Java programming on a mobile phone for novice learners

Mbogo, Charity Chao, Edwin Blake and Hussein Suleman (2015) Scaffolding Java programming on a mobile phone for novice learners. In Proceedings IADIS International Conference on Mobile Learning 2015, pages 3-10, Madeira, Portugal.

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The ubiquity of mobile phones provides an opportunity to use them as a resource for construction of programs beyond the classroom. However, limitations of mobile phones impede their use as typical programming environments. This research proposes that programming environments on mobile phones should include scaffolding techniques specifically designed for mobile phones, and designed based on learners’ needs. This paper discusses the effectiveness of theoretically-derived scaffolding techniques to construct Java programs on a mobile phone. The results indicate that even though scaffolding techniques could support learners to program on a mobile phone, further modifications of the designed scaffolding techniques may be necessary in order to more effectively support programming on a mobile phone.

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:Computer Programming, Scaffolding, Mobile, Evaluation
Subjects:K Computing Milieux: K.3 COMPUTERS AND EDUCATION
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Deposited By:Mbogo, Chao
Deposited On:16 September 2015