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Developing and evaluating routing protocols for rural areas that communicate via data mules

Mkhwanazi, Xoluqobo, Hanh Le and Edwin Blake (2013) Developing and evaluating routing protocols for rural areas that communicate via data mules. In Proceedings CICSyN 2013 --- 5th International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Networks, Madrid, Spain.

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We investigate and enhance the protocols that can bring connectivity to isolated village networks via multiple data mules. These multiple mules communicate in order to find shorter reliable routes and provide higher probability of mes-sage delivery. Using movement traces for multiple data mules for rural-like areas the existing protocols ad hoc on-demand distance vector protocol (AODV) and optimal relay path (ORP) were compared. The results show that a rural route can pro-vide telecommunication between the village networks, further-more that AODV was more applicable to the network than ORP especially as the number of mules increase. Two enhance-ment algorithms (data mule inter-communicator (DMI) and ultimate data mule inter-communicator (UDMIC)) were devel-oped using the existing protocols. The first enhancement was DMI that is based on using clustering of data to improve the performance between rural networks. The second enhance-ment was UDMIC, an adaptive algorithm that examines the situation to select an algorithm to improve performance. This enhancement not only managed to use the best of each protocol but in some cases improved network performance.

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:isolated network; vehicular network; data mules; rural areas
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Deposited By:Blake, Edwin H
Deposited On:17 August 2013
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