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Investigating the use of Photo Collection Structures for Photo Searching

Patel, Dynal and Gary Marsden (2006) Investigating the use of Photo Collection Structures for Photo Searching. In Proceedings CHI-SA, pages 41-50.

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In this paper, we investigate the use of photo collection structures in aiding the rapid retrieval of events, single photographs and sets of photographs sharing a common property. As these structures encode a great deal of useful contextual information, we advocate for the need for photo searching interfaces to exploit and expose this information. In our study of people’s photo collection structures, we found that people organise their photographs into event folders. Providing rapid access to events, singles and properties equates to locating event folders quickly. When event names are well known, we advocate for the use keyword based searches. Temporal based navigation becomes increasing important when event folders are less well known. We found a significant amount of data showing that people do organise and structure their photo collections more than previous literature suggests. The number of different property folders we found, illustrates the range of different tasks people perform when structuring and organizing their photo collections. In concluding this paper, we also make a number of recommendations for photo searching interfaces.

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