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Are Motorways Rational from Slime Mould's point of view?

Adamatsky, Andrew, Selim Akl, Ramon Alonso-Sanz, Wesley van Dessel, Zuwaire Ibrahim, Andrew Ilachinski, Jeff Jones, Anne V.D.M. Kayem, Genaro J. Martinez, Pedro de Oliviera, Mikhail Propenko, Theresa Schubert, Peter Sloot, Emmanuele Strano and Xin-She Yang (2012) Are Motorways Rational from Slime Mould's point of view?. International Journal of Parallel, Emergent, and Distributed Systems iFirst:1-19.

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We analyse the results of our experimental laboratory approximation of motorway
networks with slime mould Physarum polycephalum. Motorway networks of 14
geographical areas are considered: Australia, Africa, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China,
Germany, Iberia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, UK and USA. For each
geographical entity, we represented major urban areas by oat flakes and inoculated the
slime mould in a capital. After slime mould spanned all urban areas with a network of
its protoplasmic tubes, we extracted a generalised Physarum graph from the network
and compared the graphs with an abstract motorway graph using most common
measures. The measures employed are the number of independent cycles, cohesion,
shortest paths lengths, diameter, the Harary index and the Randic´ index. We obtained a
series of intriguing results, and found that the slime mould approximates best of all the
motorway graphs of Belgium, Canada and China, and that for all entities studied the
best match between Physarum and motorway graphs is detected by the Randic´ index
(molecular branching index).

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Subjects:F Theory of Computation: F.1 COMPUTATION BY ABSTRACT DEVICES
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Deposited On:02 November 2012
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