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Motivating Users to Build Heritage Collections Using Games on Social Networks

Havenga, M, K Williams and H Suleman (2012) Motivating Users to Build Heritage Collections Using Games on Social Networks. In Chen, H.-H and G Chowdhury , Eds. Proceedings 14th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL '12), pages 279-288, Taipei, Taiwan.

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Efforts to motivate user participation and contribution towards digital libraries, such as heritage collections, are often unsuccessful, resulting in empty or underutilized collections. These collections have the potential to improve heritage preservation and education. However,without growth, they are of little use to society. Using a Facebook application, different techniques were compared for motivating user participation and contribution of content towards a heritage collection. It was found that direct competition outperformed a badge system and successfully motivated users to contribute. These results are particularly interesting since, in a developing country, such as where this research was carried out, community and collaboration are usually valued and favoured over competition.

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:social networks, motivation, heritage collections, user generated content
Subjects:H Information Systems: H.0 GENERAL
ID Code:807
Deposited By:Havenga, Michelle
Deposited On:31 October 2012