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Clustering between data mules for better message delivery

Mkhwanazi, Xoluqobo, Hanh Le and Edwin Blake (2012) Clustering between data mules for better message delivery. In Barolli, Leonard, Tomoya Enokido, Fatos Xhafa and Makoto Takizawa, Eds. Proceedings 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, pages 209-214, Fukuoka, Japan.

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Traditionally data cannot be delivered between isolated networks. However by using a data mule which is a combination between an electronic device and a mobile entity we can connect isolated networks. However, the main problem is that a long delay is experience and most of the time a large amount of undeliverable. In this paper we propose an algorithm that increases message delivery by clustering data mules in order to find a more reliable path between the sender and the receiver. Instead of data remaining on the same mule when travelling from one network to another, our algorithm allows mules to transfer data to nearby mules arriving to the destination network sooner. Using movement traces for the data mules for rural-like areas we compared two algorithms for a different number of nodes in the network and different communication ranges for each node. The preliminary results show that our proposed algorithm increases the network performance.

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:algorithms, latency, mule communication, data
mules, isolated networks
ID Code:775
Deposited By:Blake, Edwin H
Deposited On:08 June 2012
Alternative Locations:http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/WAINA.2012.199