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A hybrid technique for efficient Medium Access Control in Wireless Sensor Networks

Le, Hanh and Makoto Takizawa (2010) A hybrid technique for efficient Medium Access Control in Wireless Sensor Networks. In Proceedings IEEE Advanced Information Networking and Applications, Perth, Australia.

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Schedule-based approach such as TDMA is more efficient than Contention-based approach in term of energy saving for sensor nodes by scheduling sleeping periods for each sensor. However it would not use the transmission media effectively as each timeslot is dedicated for a sensor and therefore cannot be used for others should it is idle. Moreover schedule-based approach requires a central node to manage and broadcast the schedule to other members. Consequently, it causes high delay and un-scalability. On the other hand, contention-based protocols can be used in distributed fashion. But contention-based protocol such as IEEE802.11 wastes a lot of energy in idle listening. In this paper we propose a hybrid approach between contention and schedule based protocols. The preliminary results show that our proposed approach uses transmission media more efficiently leading to lower delay while preserving energy for WSNs

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:Wireless Sensor Network, Energy Efficiency, Ad hoc Multi-hop routing, Medium Access Control
Subjects:C Computer Systems Organization: C.2 COMPUTER-COMMUNICATION NETWORKS
ID Code:654
Deposited By:Le, Hanh
Deposited On:13 December 2010