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Security in Service Oriented Architectures: Standards and Challenges

Kayem, Anne V.D.M. (2010) Security in Service Oriented Architectures: Standards and Challenges, in Piattini, Mario , Eduardo Fernandez-Medina and Carlos A. Gutierrez Garcia, Eds. Security in Service Oriented Architectures: Standards and Challenges , pages 187-211. IGI Global.

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Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) have become the defacto standard for defining interoperable architectures on the web with the most common implementation of this concept being in the form of web services. Information exchange is an integral part of SOAs, so designing effective security architectures that ensure data confidentiality and integrity is important. However, selecting a security standard for the architecture is challenging because existing solutions are geared toward access control in relatively static scenarios rather than dynamic scenarios where some form of adaptability is needed. Moreover, when services interact across different domains interoperability becomes a problem because of the lack a consistent security model to handle service interactions. This chapter presents a comparative analysis of SOA security standards. The authors discuss the challenges SOA security architecture designers face, in relation to an example travel agent web services scenario, and outline potential mitigation strategies.

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Keywords:Security, Service Oriented Architectures, SQL queries
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