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A Survey of the Effectiveness of Current Interoperability Protocols

Paihama, Jorgina K. do R. and Hussein Suleman (2009) A Survey of the Effectiveness of Current Interoperability Protocols. Technical Report CS09-03-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

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Interoperability is the capability of different systems to communicate and exchange data with one another, using a set of predefined formats and protocols that will allow the systems to use one another’s services successfully.

This report presents the results of the "Effectiveness of current interoperability protocols" survey.
The purpose of the survey was to investigate the level of understanding and use of the current interoperability protocols, and also to find out what are the best features and/or the shortcomings of each protocol from experts or people who have some knowledge/experience in working with them.
This information will be used to assess what makes a good interoperability protocol, and then design an experimental set of interoperability specifications as well as a framework to evaluate interoperability protocols in general.

EPrint Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:Interoperability, Protocols, Survey.
Subjects:H Information Systems: H.m MISCELLANEOUS
ID Code:530
Deposited By:Paihama, J. K. do R.
Deposited On:29 July 2009