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Lightweight component-based scalability

Suleman, Hussein, Christopher Parker and Muammar Omar (2008) Lightweight component-based scalability . International Journal on Digital Libraries.

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Digital libraries and information management systems are increasingly being developed according to component models with well-defined APIs and often with Web-accessible interfaces. In parallel with metadata access and harvesting, Web 2.0 mashups have demonstrated the flexibility of developing systems as independent distributed components. It can be argued that such distributed components also can be an enabler for scalability of service provision in medium to large systems. To test this premise, this article discusses how an existing component framework was modified to include support for scalability. A set of lightweight services and extensions were created to migrate and replicate services as the load changes. Experiments with the prototype system confirm that this system can in fact be quite effective as an enabler of transparent and efficient scalability, without the need to resort to complex middleware or substantial system reengineering. Finally, specific problems areas have been identified as future avenues for exploration at the crucial intersection of digital libraries and high-performance computing.

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Keywords:Scalability, Service, Component, Cluster
Subjects:H Information Systems: H.1 MODELS AND PRINCIPLES
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Deposited On:02 October 2008
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