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Constructivism, virtual reality and tools to support design

Winterbottom, Cara and Edwin H Blake (2008) Constructivism, virtual reality and tools to support design. In Marsden, Gary, Ilda Ladeira and Paula Kotze, Eds. Proceedings 7th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2008), pages 230-239, Cape Town.

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This paper describes a process for creating a design tool, which is based in constructivism. The process is described for the creation of a tool to help novices in designing virtual environment interactions, however it can be generalized to other design domains. The process consists of four steps: first constructivist values of atomic simplicity, multiplicity, exploration, control and reflection are distilled. Next, expert practices are researched and reframed in terms of the constructivist values. Thirdly, novice processes are examined and understood in constructivist terms. Lastly, prototypes are created and shown to target users. These steps are iterated until the designed tool is satisfactory.

EPrint Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:Virtual Reality Authoring
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Deposited By:Blake, Edwin H
Deposited On:18 September 2008