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DRM Use License Negotiation using ODRL v2.0

Arnab, Alapan and Andrew Hutchison (2007) DRM Use License Negotiation using ODRL v2.0. In Proceedings 5th International Workshop for Technology, Economy, and Legal Aspects of Virtual Goods, incorporating the 3rd International ODRL Workshop., Koblenz, Germany.

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In [9], Camp discussed why DRM is not equivalent to copyright enforcement. In 2005, Arnab et al. discussed how DRM is in fact the enforcement of licensing agreements, and promoted the use of negotiation in DRM as a mechanism to handle fair use scenarios [3].

In this paper, we detail negotiation protocols for two of the three types of negotiation -- bidding and bargaining (the third type, auctioning, can easily be handled without any new technology). We motivate the correctness and completeness of our protocols through the use of Petri net modeling. We also motivate the use of the latest draft of the ODRL v2.0 rights expression language (REL) as a language for expressing negotiations in DRM systems. By using a REL in the protocol specifications we remove the need to translate between the protocol and the rights expression language, thus speeding up the overall license acquisition process and reducing the risk of translation errors.

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