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The influence of lip animation on the perception of speech in virtual environments

Verwey, Johan and Edwin Blake (2005) The influence of lip animation on the perception of speech in virtual environments. In Slater, Mel, Eds. Proceedings The 8th International Workshop on Presence — Presence 2005, pages 162-170, University College London, UK.

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The addition of facial animation to characters greatly contributes to realism and presence in virtual environments. Even simple animations can make a character seem more lifelike and more believable. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the rudimentary lip animations used in most virtual environments could influence the perception of speech. The results show that lip animation can indeed enhance speech perception if done correctly. Lip movement that does not correlate with the presented speech however resulted in worse performance in the presence of masking noise than when no lip animation was used at all.

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Keywords:3-D audio
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