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Interactive Mixed-media Virtual Environment Prototyping

Househam, J.S. and D. Le roux (2004) Interactive Mixed-media Virtual Environment Prototyping. Technical Report CS04-17-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

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This paper details a tool for designing and simulating virtual environments in two dimensions. The system consists of computer controlled agents projected onto a whiteboard. Markings (which can be altered dynamically) on the whiteboard represent the obstructions (walls). A camera captures new images of the whiteboard constantly. The image is then processed by the image-processing component to determine where the walls are and this information is fed into the artificial intelligence component so that the agents move about realistically and do not move through walls. Natural movement throughout the environment is successfully implemented via a robust collision detection system as well as bounded path finding techniques. The AI system is efficient enough to allow for relatively large agent numbers, as well as operation at acceptable frame rate. The image processing first transforms the input images so that the projected area forms a rectangle. The image is then segmented by dividing the image into regions and calculating a threshold for each region based on an offset from the mean.

EPrint Type:Departmental Technical Report
Subjects:C Computer Systems Organization: C.5 COMPUTER SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION
ID Code:186
Deposited By:Househam, Jonathan
Deposited On:22 October 2004