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SPEAR II - The Security Protocol Engineering and Analysis Resource

Saul, Elton and Andrew Hutchison (1999) SPEAR II - The Security Protocol Engineering and Analysis Resource. In Proceedings 2nd South African Telecommunications, Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC'99), Durban , South Africa.

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Multi-dimensional security protocol engineering is effective in creating cryptographic protocols since it encompasses a variety of analysis techniques, thereby providing a higher security confidence than individual approaches. SPEAR, the Security Protocol Engineering and Analysis Resource, was a protocol engineering tool which focused on cryptographic protocols, with the specific aims of enabling secure and efficient protocol designs and support for the production process of implementing security protocols. The SPEAR II tool is a continuation of the highly successful SPEAR project and aims to build on the foundation laid by SPEAR. SPEAR II provides more advanced multidimensional support than SPEAR, enabling protocol specification via a graphical user interface, automated security analysis that applies a number of well-known analysis methods, performance reporting and evaluation, meta-execution and automated code generation.

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