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A Generic Graphical Specification Environment for Security Protocol Modelling

Saul, Elton and Andrew Hutchison (2000) A Generic Graphical Specification Environment for Security Protocol Modelling. In Proceedings Sixth Annual Working Conference on Information Security, Beijing, China.

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Designing and implementing security protocols is a diÆcult task. A graphical specification environment helps one to cope with this complexity by enabling the visualization of hierarchical message structure and providing suitable abstraction and encapsulation so that designers can retain a high-level perspective while also being free to hone in on the details of the design. The graphical interface framework described in this paper isolates the critical issues in a protocol design and presents the user with an appropriate level of detail. This is accomplished through the use of a high-level view of the message ow and a more detailed component view that shows the structure of each protocol message. Each view can be easily manipulated by using standard graphical interface mechanisms such as drag-and-drop and context specific pop-up menus. An added advantage of this interface is that it is possible to connect to analysis or code generation routines via a GGSE-API.

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Keywords:Security Modelling, protocol engineering, CASE tools
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