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Real Time System Development with UML: A Case Study

Appenzeller, Johannes (2003) Real Time System Development with UML: A Case Study. Other, Communication Systems Division, School of Computer and Communication Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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In this thesis we look at the challenges regarding VoIP and to the developer of an application providing this service. We explore CASE tools that can be used to model and verify the design of a VoIP application.

VoIP applications will not be accepted by the market unless it is able to provide an audio quality comparable to traditional phones. The voice module of the application that we analyse initially did not meet these requirements. We investigate how the design and implementation must be altered to meet them.

Although UML in its current specification is not adapted to the design of real-time applications, CASE tools exist that propose an extension of UML for this purpose. We investigate two of these - Rational Rose RT and Telelogic Tau - for their usefulness in re-engineering the application. We show their support partially covers our needs and we present novel UML concepts that would have been useful in resolving our task. We further demonstrate important new concepts of UML 2.0.

EPrint Type:Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
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Deposited On:07 May 2004
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