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Model-based Segmentation of CT Images

Marte, Otto and Patrick Marais (2002) Model-based Segmentation of CT Images. South African Computer Journal 28:54-59.

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This paper presents preliminary work on the segmentation of Computed Tomography data using a model-based approach. Conventional image processing of CT data is aimed at the production of simple isosurfaces for surgical planing or diagnosis - such methods are not suitable for the automated detection of fractures, which is the ultimate application of our work. To address these deficiencies a surface-based technique with appropriate constraints is introduced. The output of the segmentation phase is a triangulated surface representating the bone or bones of interest. We illustrate the method applied to low resolution CT test data and discuss its robustness and performance.

EPrint Type:Journal (Paginated)
Keywords:Image processing, computer vision, medical imaging, radiology, CT
Subjects:I Computing Methodologies: I.4 IMAGE PROCESSING AND COMPUTER VISION
ID Code:96
Deposited By:Marais, Patrick
Deposited On:05 November 2003