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Low-Cost Virtual Reality System (PS2-driven)

Fang, Kuo-Chan Peter, Fu-Yao Kevin Feng and Ka-Man Karen Wai (2003) Low-Cost Virtual Reality System (PS2-driven). Technical Report CS03-19-00, Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town.

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A low cost virtual reality system that generates corner projection using three PlayStation2 is presented. Two display stations each connected to one projector is used to provide panoramic view of the VR scene. A control station receives user input and broadcasts the instruction to the two display stations in order to update their respective camera positions and orientations. A demo application which immerses the user inside a glider flying through a night city has also been implemented. We report the performance of our system using random primitives. The benchmark revealed a gradual decline in frame rate in response to polygon counts in the scene. Polygon rate in our system remained near constant and does not vary with the polygon count on the screen. The results indicated for our system, a polygon count of 3540 on the screen with a refresh rate of 24fps is optimum in an interactive environment. Investigation on the relationship between roundtrip time and scene complexity revealed a significant positive correlation of (0.966). This suggests system response to user command can be delayed in a complex virtual environment.

EPrint Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:PlayStation 2, Distributed, Virtual Reality
Subjects:I Computing Methodologies: I.3 COMPUTER GRAPHICS
ID Code:78
Deposited By:Feng, Fu-Yao Kevin
Deposited On:10 October 2003